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 Hello, my friend and welcome! They call me Sarge and while I have an Emergency Prepardness site, many of my views tend to be political, and I wanted to have a place to share them with others. Now, if you are a Communist/Democrat, you will not enjoy this blog, so you may want to leave now. For those of you who love America, and are angered by what is going on with our Government and the media outlets, I beleive you will enjoy reading what I have to say.

We now have a comunist backed regime in the white hous and they need to be stopped! As an old ARMY Veteran, I have seen many changes take place over my lifetime. I find it sickening to see what is currently happenning.

I’m just getting this blog started, so please bear with me, and please check back often. Until next time my friend have a great day, and God bless America!


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