He is destroying our Nation!

Hello, my friend, and welcome!  Now I don’t know about you, it seems like every time I look at the headlines, I get boiling mad.  In the past few months, Biden has single-handedly done so much damage to our country it makes you want to cry.  Of course, when you put a Communist in the white house, you kind of just expect it.

He has let in millions of illegal aliens into our which the American people will now have to support for the coming years.  We cannot afford to get homeless Vets off of the streets, but we can give the illegal aliens free food, shelter, and medical?  I call BS on that my friend!!!

Biden and the rest of his Communist buddies MUST be stopped.  It’s time that “We The People” rise up and say “NO MORE!” in a loud voice.  It is time to take up arms and fight for our rights as our founding fathers did. Far too many brave men and women have given their lives for this country to let Biden and his cronies destroy it.

Biden is already bowing down to Iran, North Korea, and China.  He has only one goal and that is to destroy the America that we all love.  I fear for my children and grandchildren’s future if he is not stopped.

We all know that the election was stolen by manipulating the votes.  It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes and ears.  We can not let this stand.  We must act, and the time is now.  We need Trump to lead this revolution and restore our Nation to its former glory.   Only time will tell if this happens, but I pray each day that he will. 

Well, that’s it for today, my friend.  I have ranted enough for one post.  Until next time, please pray for our country and do what you can to defend our constitution.


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