“The Republican Civil War is now canceled,” (NOT)

Hello, my friend! There is a real civil war going on in America right now, and most people know it. Since the election, most people have come to realize that their voices no longer count to Politicians in Washington. Our elections have been stolen and our voices are trying to be silenced.

“The Republican Civil War is now canceled,” Sen. Rick Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), says in a fiery memo being sent widely within the Republican Party on Tuesday. 

The Republican Party has apparently turned their back on us to now it seems. This person has some nerve making statements like this that don’ represent the views of the people who sent them to congress. We the people begged for unity for 4 long years and the Democrats refused and in fact, did everything they could to further divide the American people. Now, this idiot want’s us to unify with the Democrats? Not going to happen!!

We the people have been lied to, cheated and now they are trying to suppress our very thoughts. This Civil war is very real and will continue until the voices of the American people are once again heard in Washington. We will continue to fight this Communist spread of Autheritiran policies at every turn. Make your voices heard loud and clear and say in one loud voice that we will not go quietly into the night!

Far too many men and women have suffered too much and still do in order to give us the rights we once had. The democrats are hiding their true agenda by disguising it as “Inclusion”. This is only to try to force people to give up their rights and force them to obey their new rules.

The only “Inclusion” they are concerned about is to include all Americans under their totalitarian rule. They want to destroy America and rebuild it so that they have total control over all Americans. We must stop this at all cost and I have a message Sen. Rick Scott, This civil war is not over, but is only just getting started!

That’s it for toay, and until next time, stay safe and continue to fight the good fight.


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